What We Do

Practical and Efficient Training Practices used in the Home Service Industry broken down into three primary categories Technical, Sales Communications, and Cultural Leadership.

Technical we call “The Trades” and the focus is on the fundamentals of Refrigeration Cycle, Electrical Circuitry, Practical Troubleshooting, Advanced Production. Our courses not only cover the knowledge of field application but the ability to communicate problems to the customer. And the aptitude to offer several options, not just settling on basic repair. We want the technician to understand the type of customer he/she is dealing with. Our goal is to set expectations of average ticket, lead setting, and Five Star customer reviews. We offer several basic courses as well as advanced training, using our GPS Training Room and Laboratory.

Customer Education and Sales Communications “Educational Sales Culture” the focus in our advanced production department culture. We believe the only way to have the sales edge is to work on being best at what you can control like quality of Design Engineering, Quality Installation, and Solving Customer needs through Value Added Selling. And worry less about the brand of equipment which always comes down to price shopping. We offer courses for both Salesman as well as Technicians and Non-Technical classes for CSR and office personal.

Advanced Vision Thinking and “The Action Technician” Field Tech’s need to understand how they should fit in the Company Culture. In all our training we work on developing a culture that fits their company. All companies are different and planning is a very large part of where the company is headed. Thinking Forward, Time Management, and Taking Ownership in Your Actions. These are a large part of the focus in The Action Technician.