HVAC Technical

HVAC Technical Classes






Build a Maintenance Tech
& Basic Service


12 Days


GPS training will benefit junior techs by focusing on a twelve-day classroom and practical hands-on workshop for a comprehensive maintenance coverage and customer communication. The goal is to take an individual with limited or no HVAC knowledge and provide them with the technical knowledge and communication training to be a productive maintenance technician at the end of the course.

Throughout this interactive course techs will gain knowledge about proper maintenance procedures that will maintain peak equipment performance levels, reliability, and safety so customers may enjoy comfort in their home. GPS will provide information about the benefits of preventive maintain procedures in an easy to understand fashion that can be used to educate customers. This course will include basic HVAC operation including refrigeration, electrical and plumbing.


Tech 1– Refrigeration
& Communication


3 Days


Trying to diagnose an air condition system is not always an easy task. Many experienced technicians and installation techs still rely on rules of thumb for temperatures and pressures. In this class, we will look at both refrigerant cycle issues and their relation to air-flow issues.

Each technician will received charts containing the necessary information to successfully and properly diagnose and air conditioning systems. This chart will help in trouble-shooting and diagnostic of: airflow issues, refrigerant restrictions, undercharge, overcharge, dirty condenser, non-condensable, restricted metering device, evaporator problems and refrigerant cycle malfunctions.


Tech 2– Electricity
& Communication


3 Days


Understanding the Electrical portion of the AC system is a critical step to performing a proper complete system diagnostic. Improving electrical knowledge and diagnostics ensures efficiency and accuracy for the customer which will translate to higher levels of customer service and profitability. Additionally, the communication tools for educating a customer are critical and included in the scope of this course.


EPA Class & Exam


1 Days


This course is designed to educate on the minimum requirements for EPA Certification and goes deeper in some areas around refrigerants and refrigeration to ensure you have improved your abilities as a technician while also achieving your Universal EPA Refrigeration Certificate.


The Heat is ON - Heat Pump, Electric, & Gas Furnace Maintenance & Troubleshooting


3 Days


Performing a PROPER Heat System maintenance is critical to success with your heat system tune-up program. Educating customers, maximizing efficiency and ensuring safety will lead to success and improved profits.

Workshop includes
  • Improving diagnostics skills
  • sequence of operation and how to adjust the gas furnace for optimum efficiency
  • trouble-shooting procedures, (quick and accurate)
  • Heat pump operation, defrost cycles, reversing valve operation & troubleshooting
  • Electric heat strip and its components (troubleshooting)
  • Featuring hands-on lab activities
  • Delivering customers, The WoW Experience
  • Presenting yourself to the customer (roll play)

As the heating seasons descends upon us, Growth and Profit Systems offer help in the opportunities and challenges our techs face today. Technicians needs great customer service & craftsman skills to build confidence and succeed. Otherwise they are going to chase customers away.
Make sure your techs are up to snuff this winter season by registering for “The Heat in ON” Workshop.


Customer Focused Training Culture


2 Days


One of the biggest challenges in the trades today is a constant struggle to develop and retain talent. Studies show that most employees want to do a good job but often they become dissatisfied with their job because of not knowing how to do their job well or not believing their employer cares about their career development.

This course works with business managers and owners on developing a company culture of taking the time out to focus on improving each employee’s skillset. In a team workshop format with all attendees, you will work through development of a plan for implementing a culture of training in your own organization and up to 1 year of lined out courses. By working as a team, you will benefit from the ideas and input of multiple business leaders.


Tune-Up the Tech (AC & Heat Pump)


2 Days


An effective spring maintenance program is critical to a successful, growing HVAC company by starting the peak season earlier and maximizing profitability and customer loyalty from each call.

When a customer hires your company to perform an AC maintenance they are looking for an AC expert to arrive at their home and perform a proper maintenance with constructive feedback. GPS will walk you through a structured step by step maintenance call from before the technician arrives at the home until the final customer thank you. This process is a best practice that a technician should follow on EVERY call to maximize profitability for the company and improve customer satisfaction.


Heat Exchanger Defects


1 Day


Crack or no crack? Chuck Morales and Ben Stark have close to 80 years of experience in the world of Heating and Air Conditioning. Learning how to properly examine heat exchangers and communicate the results with customers is an ongoing challenge in the HVAC industry. Proper handling of the heat exchanger examination process will mean additional sales, increased profits when we need them the most and a defined company procedure to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

We believe examination of heat exchanges should be a part of every comprehensive maintenance or service call on a furnace. In this class we will learn several methods to properly examine and identify a faulty heat exchanger. This training includes: hands-on experiences in our lab, visual inspection of heat exchangers, why heat exchangers fail, what produces carbon monoxide, and the most common failure points. Additionally, we utilize tools and processes to professionally and ethically communicate findings with a customer.

We will provide resources that can be customized to your brand including: Customer safety facts, Failed Heat Exchanger Transfer of Liability forms as well as informational notes.

This Class comes with a 2-year certification.

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes closed” Dr. Seuss.


Tune-up the Tech


2 Day