Written Reviews

"Chuck, thank you and the entire GPS family. (Ben, Sean and Kim) for the hospitality and knowledge. It has been a great experience."

Bryan Ardans
Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating

"I'm Very grateful for my time in this class and would enthusiastically recommend this class/school to anyone who would listen! Great job guys! I hope to see you all again in the future!"

Daniel Davidson
Dial One Johnson Plumbing & Hvac

"Charging Techniques and breaking the myths of 'old school' techniques, that are incorrect. Also electrical troubleshooting and the techniques used. Love the class Thank You for helping up grow."

Infinity Texas Air

"Ben has been a wealth of information for us. He has most recently come in to help us set up our system for performance pay. He spoke with us in the office as well as the techs in the field and made what we thought would be a difficult and complicated system look simple and very doable. We look forward to working with Ben and implementing other systems that will make us a stronger and more competitive company for years to come. Thanks for the help Ben."

Darryl Robinson
Robinson Air

"Just when you think your brain can’t handle anymore information, you get hit with some more information. Absolutely awesome class, more than what I expected. "

Javier Nieto
Advanced Cooling

"Blown away by what was taught. Biggest thing I gained, confidence! Class was presented and taught in a great way that gave me the skills to be the best at my job."

Michael Gilmore
Sunny Service

"Chuck is a Hvac Freak!' Great learning and great people to meet."

Jason Rodriquez
One Hour

"Ben has been a great asset when it comes to business operation. I love how he speaks from experience that has proven results. There are so many subjects I am amazed at the great knowledge he can share. Ben has helped me build a more reliable and profitable business."

Corey Hickmann
Comfort Matters Heating & Cooling, Inc.

"I met Ben 5-6 years ago now. I can tell you what his mentoring and guidance has done for our company. Since meeting him we have grown 30% a year on average. This year we were named the 2122 fastest growing privately held company in the U.S. by Inc 5000. Each month we continue to exceed or goals and everyone couldn't be happier. I attribute a lot of this to Ben's mentoring. "

Joe Strittmatter

"THANK YOU for everything. You sparked that "get goin and get 'er done" incentive for Don. He needed it. He needed to realize what he has done is quite amazing and how to take the next step into the unknown. I believed that you and Don are similar in business ways. When you told him that he reminded you of yourself, I had to smile - big. That was perfect. I downloaded your thumbstick drive onto our shared data on the network and Don has several people working on different things that you gave us. Everyone that met you is regenerized."

Kathie Todd
Central Oregon Heating & Cooling

"Ben helped me personally and professionally when our Residential HVAC division was struggling with profit and coworker retention. His coaching and our interactions over a period of 1 - 2 years was instrumental in the turn around that occurred within both our Service and Install departments. Ben understands what is required to run a successful HVAC business and how to get that information out to others in practical and useful ways."

Steven Long
President - Residential Divisions
GSM Services

"Ben has been a mentor for years helping us to understand the numbers and always eager to share his industry knowledge. We just had two selling techs return from a GPS air flow class. They were not only full of excitement and knowledge but translated that into two system sales and duct renovations. They were confident that they gave the customer a real value with a properly designed air distribution system."

Ron Strelke
Force Home Services

"We had Ben come to our office to help moderate our annual planning meeting. Prior to Ben's arrival we had some success over the years but there were a lot of inconsistencies in our growth and profit. Ben spent three days with us breaking down our business and building it up again. We were truly amazed at the in depth look into our business that Ben walked us through. Since that meeting our business has grown faster and been more profitable because we always follow his planning format. Ben has incredible vision and he is great to work with. He freely shares his information and his experience to help you be successful. Angie and I highly recommend Ben and the insight he can bring to your company."

Ryan & Angie Snow

"Ben is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge! I go to him because he has actually been in the trenches and won the battle of business! Multiple times! "

Chris Hunter
Hunter Supertechs

" Anyone that is interested in knowing and truly understanding the HVAC process would greatly benefit from the teaching of Charles Morales, his passion for the industry is unparalleled. Chuck has the patience to teach those who are new to the field. He takes the time to make sure you really understand what you are doing. He has ...years of experience to provide knowledge to even the most seasoned HVAC tech. "

Lamond Young

"Best Hvac instructor around.from the latest technology or the old stuff to air flow . Great guy to learn the basics from or ask questions about advance stuff. Been working with over 10 years . Highly recommend"